Aneurysms : Why Me? Why Not Me?

Aneurysms—Why Me? Why Not Me?

Saturday, June 4, 1955, my parents were introduced to a beautiful baby girl they named Linda Denise Hunt. This was my best day ever. My parents were Arnett Hunt, thirty-two years old, and Adrienne Hunt, twenty-one years old. I was the first girl born on my father?s side of the family in thirty-five years. I think it was the best day ever for them too! I came from educators and entrepreneurs. In a small southside community of Chicago, I attended Morgan Park High School, and after graduating, I struggled with trying to find my purpose in life, asking myself, am I smart enough to become an educator, or will I have the skills and/or talent to become an entrepreneur? Through adoptions and extended families, my family grew by leaps and bounds. I learned at an early age how to open myself up to people, love others, and pursue a dream of my own. I watched my mother raise the six children left at home after the death of my father some thirty years ago, who died from three ruptured brain aneurysms, which might not have happened had today?s knowledge been available then. This book will take you to a world of the unknown and introduce you to a world some of us heard about but never thought could happen to us. It took me fifty-two years and two ruptured brain aneurysms to finally find my purpose in life!